About Us

Hi! My name is Lyrique Mykaela.. I'm originally from Houston, Texas I grew up on the south side of Houston in the Third Ward area. Due to my family situation I was forced to move out at 16 and chose to graduate early from High School. I was a 16 year old senior and graduated at 17 years old with a 4.3 GPA!

I began my entrepreneurial journey when I was 17 years old as an Atlanta Hairstylist I made my first $100,000 at 18 and son after acquired over $200,000 within my first year of business. From there I've generated almost half a million dollars at just 19 years old in just two years of business!

I've done the work and now I'm sharing all of my resources to help you get where you need to be... whether that's help with marketing, utilizing my mentorship program or scheduling a coaching call to further your knowledge.